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$120 per year

Disk space 200 MB

Shared IP

5 Email Account

10 GB Transfer

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$220 per year

Disk space 500 MB

Shared IP

25 Email Account

50 GB Transfer

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$420 per year

Disk space 5 GB

Dedicated IP

100 Email Account

400 GB Transfer

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Anonymous Host is one of the worlds leading full service web host service providers specializing in 100% anonymous hosting solutions.

Here at Anonymous Host we actively advocate internet privacy and anonymity, by offering Bitcoin and Perfect Money payments by default, with only an email address required for registration.

We utilize world-class hosting infrastructure, augmented by privacy protection and extensive security features. We guarantee all personal or business website information and data is safeguarded and secure.

We actively ignore and impede all data requests from third parties, and do our utmost to keep your website online, with 99% uptime, as standard.

We facilitate all manner of anonymous hosting services including; dedicated servers, offshore hosting, shared hosting and SSL encryption.


When someone wants to find out who owns a particular domain, they use one of the manyWhoIs websites available. After typing in your domain name, they can instantly retrieve information about you. If the WhoIssearch returns no information about the domain owner

they usually seek information from the hosting company. Anonymous Host is committed to protecting your privacy and will not reveal any personal information to anyone. s


If your domain name is privately registered and you are utilizing offshore anonymous hosting, there is no wayfor them to gain direct access to your details, as the domain is registered to a third party and your personal information is hidden.

Your personal information will never show up in the WHOIS lookup because the domain is protected and you have not had to submit any personal information when registering or paying for any of our services. If the person, or third party tries to abstract personal information from us, we will never under any circumstance provide them with the personal information they have requested.


We only require an email address, in order for our clients to set up an offshore anonymous hosting package. Our payment terms are also anonymous, as we only accept payment via Bitcoin or Perfect Money, both of which are anonymous in nature.